Figure 2.

NR5A sequence similarity analysis displayed in a radial tree. Clades containing subgroups NR5A1, NR5A2, NR5A3 and NR5A4 are indicated. Arctic char FF1a (acFF1a); Mouse LRH-1 (mLRH-1); Rat SF-1 (rSF-1); Mouse ELP (mELP); Rana rugosa FTZ-F1 (rrFTZ-F1); Zebrafish ff1b (zff1b); Zebrafish ff1a (zff1a); Zebrafish ff1c (zff1c); Zebrafish ff1d (zff1d); Rat FTF (rFTF); Medaka FTZ-F1 (mFTZ-F1); Rainbow trout FTZ-F1 (rtFTZ-F1); Chick SF-1 (cSF-1); Chick FTF (cFTF) and Drosophila melanogaster ftz-f1 (dmFTZ-F1). Modified from [42].

von Hofsten and Olsson Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2005 3:63   doi:10.1186/1477-7827-3-63
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