Figure 1.

Expression of mRNA of NOS isomers in the cervical tissue. Expression of NOS mRNA normalized to the 'Preterm labour' group. Common superscripts indicate no significant differences. The number of patients analysed in each group are marked in each bar in the bar chart. The groups are: Preterm labour (PTL), Term labour (TL), Preterm not in labour, (PTnotL), Term not in labour, (TnotL). 1A:Expression of iNOS mRNA: Patients who delivered preterm had higher iNOS mRNA levels compared to those who delivered at term. This relationship reached significance for those who were in labour (p < 0,002). 1B: Expression of eNOS mRNA: Significantly higher levels of eNOS mRNA were registered in women with preterm labour compared to term labour (p = 0,009). Women not in labour at preterm and at term had significantly lower eNOS mRNA levels compared to preterm labour (p < 0,001) or term labor (p = 0,048) respectively. 1C: Expression of bNOS mRNA : Women who delivered preterm had generally higher bNOS mRNA levels compared to those who delivered at term, reaching significance in the labour group (p = 0,006). The lowest values were seen in those who were in labour at term. Women who were delivered by caesarean section appeared to have higher bNOS mRNA levels than those who were in labour, reaching significance in the term groups (p = 0.007).

Törnblom et al. Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2005 3:33   doi:10.1186/1477-7827-3-33
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